I remember when back to school time would roll around, and my mom would take me shopping for supplies.  It was one of my favorite things to do - I'm one of those weirdos that LOVES Staples.  Gimme some post its and new pens, and I am a happy girl. But elementary school and middle... Continue Reading →

Sephora aims to take more of you money

Sephora has been doing this weekly WOW deals where they discount items starting every Thursday. Because you needed more reason to give Sephora half of your paycheck. And don’t get it twisted - these aren’t some silly 10% discounts. These are deeply discounted products, so beware if you’re an impulse buyer like I am. They... Continue Reading →

Wedding weekend at Oheka Castle 

One of my law school friends got married this weekend, and I went into it being excited for the food and the booze, but also indifferent since it's the time in my life where everyone and their mother is getting married. Except me. It's still just the dog and I, people. Since my life lately... Continue Reading →

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