Sephora VIB Sale: products worth the splurge

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My loves, another Sephora VIB sale is upon us.  The Sephora gods have been blessing us with many a sale opportunity lately, and my wallet us both grateful and crying at the same time, if that makes sense.  This one starts up this weekend and also happens next weekend both online and in store (10/26-10/29, 11/2-11/5) and is for 20%!!!!.  This is nice because it will line up with a pay cycle either way for a lot of you.

Sephora puts VERY FEW RESTRICTIONS on this sale which is both rare and amazing. This is a WONDERFUL opportunity to stock up on products you are running low on, as well as get that expensive item you might be eyeing.  OR even getting a jump on your holiday shopping! I know I know – it is October, but if it’s gonna save you some money, you might as well be on top of your game.  For me, I will be doing a combination of all three. I’m letting you in on my go-to buys, splurge worth products, and some early holiday shopping ideas.

PRO TIP: Shop online and utilize your flash 2 day shipping at Sephora and use ebates to get money back on your purchase.  They have a deal with SO MANY sites, and can help save you even MORE money. Their Black Friday/Cyber Monday cash back is normally AMAZING as well.  Sephora is usually a solid 4% cash back, sometimes more.*

Go-to Products

My go to’s that I am going to be restocking are some that I have told you about before, but they are so good that they are worth mentioning again.  I’ve also listed some other of my faves below that I am going to be buying again.  I’ve used ALL of these and love them.

Splurge-worth buys

Below are some that I have tried either via sample or at Sephora while getting my make up done.  The price points are a little high on some of them, but this sale is the perfect time to purchase them!  Alsoooooo if you are a VIB Rouge, you can get your makeup done there FOR FREE.  Its amazing if you are going out or just need a pick me up, and is the best opportunity to try out new products.  I am guilty of trying something in these sessions and turning right around and buying it.  What I am saying is, they have me in the palm of their hands.

Early Holiday Gift Ideas

I talked about some gift sets to keep your eyes on earlier, but since then there has been even MORE released.  LISTEN – I know it isn’t Halloween yet, but my tree isn’t up so don’t go there.  I will let Halloween have its time and for once am excited about my costume. BUT whyyyy not save some money on gifts you are GOING TO BUY ANYWAY?!  Sephora typically does not do discounts on Black Friday (they do limited gift sets which are SO CUTE) but no big sales.  SNATCH THEM UP NOW PEOPLE and save a few bucks to spend on other gifts, rent, or yourself.


What are some things you are buying during the Sephora sale? Let me know in the comments! Apparently I need more ideas on how to spend more money.

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*this ebates link is an affiliate link. But they also give you money for shopping you are already doing, so its a win-win over here.