The Christmas Creep is REAL

…But it gives us another excuse to shop, so its fine.

*note – there are NO affiliate links in here, just trying to make your shopping easier*

Didn’t I just post a fall survival guide post? Yes, yes I did. But now the calendar has turned to October, and we are skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving entirely to fast forward to the holidays, apparently. I for one, am grateful, but I also understand it still is a little much. The advertising for holiday products has already increased tenfold, and we are still in the beginning of October.  While some of you may not be ready for this, there are some worthwhile holiday products to be paying attention to:

beautyblender sweet indulgence set – $65

beauty blender set

Beautyblender is a game changer for cosmetics. No really, go buy a knock off version of it and try it. It’ll be a sponge, and your foundation will look ridiculous. The thing about a beautyblender is that it expands when wet, and then becomes this perfect vessel for you to apply your make up. No really, try one. How haven’t you done this already?! MY MOM HAS ONE. I know because I bought it for her. But I digress. This set is absolutely adorable. It comes with 4 beautyblenders and 4 cleansers, which is enough for a full year (they recommend you change it up every 3 months because germs and shit). Normally, the beautyblenders are $20 EACH, so this is a steal.  You can either buy it for yourself, gift the whole thing to someone, or make each color set a gift.  Endless possibilities, and they aren’t jacking up the prices here for the cute colors.

Too Faced – The Sweet Smell of Christmas – mini liquid lipstick set – $25

two faced

I just got my first too faced liquid lipstick (I know, I know…) but lemme tell you, they are BOMB. Long lasting, not drying, great colors. I will put this stuff on and 6 hours later, it is STILL ON.  This is even with eating and a few Starbucks trips. This shit. does. not. move.  It’s not drying, either. Its some sort of Harry Potter magic shit, and I am obsessed. This set has a nice variety of colors with really cute holiday names.  They ARE mini size, but its still a good amount of product.  And the price for 4 of them?! Worth the spend, that’s for sure.

Drybar – Glitter Gang – $215

drybar holiday

I can’t even begin to tell you how upset I was when I saw this.  Why was I upset? Because I already own the buttercup and cannot justify buying a second one just because it is covered in glitter. I thought about it, and its just not a good financial decision. And I’m mad at myself for even being this fiscally responsible. I am OBSESSED with this blowdryer, and them covering it in glitter only improves it. Investing in a good hairdryer is essential, and this one is a GOOD ONE.  The only drawback about this is they are not selling the glitter bombed buttercup on its own, which is probably a good thing for my credit card. But it also means you are paying for more than the

Philosophy – Guide to warm and cozy $39

philosophy holiday

Listen, Philosophy never disappoints. Ever. And neither does this holiday set. It comes with SEVEN different products – some of which are their best sellers. I have longggg loved their shower gel and hope in a jar is one of my faves – both are included in this set.  Save this one for yourself for sure.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Will you be buying any of these? Have you found any holiday gifts you’ve already purchased? We are only in October after all. So add these to your list or buy them for someone, put them in your closet, and forget that you bought that person a gift and discover it in January.  No judgments.


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