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Fall Survival Guide

Let’s all pretend like summer didn’t just abruptly end…..

In case you missed it, I hate the fall. Like, avoid orange everything, countdown to November 1st and Christmas music, chastise my friends for loving fall, HATE the fall. I refuse to believe I am alone in feeling this. We BARELY got a summer and the weather was ehhh at best, and now fall is here in FULL FORCE.  I am not pleased in the slightest, and I need a way to avoid this for as long as possible.  Let’s talk about all the ways to pretend like it’s still summer even though I already need a jacket.

  • Put on some bronzer

Listen, all our tans are going to fade realllll quick. Mine is basically gone, and it sucks.  But some good bronzer can help bring back the summer glow you just lost, or never had to begin with.  My favorite is Benefit’s Hula Matte Bronzer – they even have a Lite version of the bronzer for those of you who are PALE AF like I am.

  • Book  a trip somewhere warm

I just got back from LA, and since its always summer there, it definitely helped.  It is my happy place and my escape city.  Well, my happy place until they take 15 minutes to make me a (not toasted) bagel with cream cheese, and then I RUN back to Manhattan.  But it re-energizes me. The sun makes me feel human again.  Seasonal depression is real people, lets try to delay it as much as possible.

  • Buy new sunglasses

Summer and sunglasses go hand in hand.  So why not treat yourself to a new pair?  Plus, its still sunny and the sun glare gets surprisingly worse in the colder seasons.  Really, you’re just doing yourself a favor here.  I have a few reliable pairs but have been eyeing a new pair real bad.  I will be taking my own advice here soon.

  • Drink iced coffee

Is it cold out? Maybe.  Is it time for a hot drink at Starbucks? Dear god, no. Not yet.  You do not get a hot drink until winter officially hits.  We can still pretend its 80 degrees out and get our iced coffee.  It is a rule of the basic bitches: thou shall not order a hot beverage until the Starbucks holiday cups are released.  Which, at this rate, will be like October.

and last but not least –

  • Buy some new fall clothes

LISTEN – just because I hate the fall does NOT mean I won’t take advantage of the sales.  Retail therapy is always a good idea, and a great way to cope with the fact that its friggen cold out.  I already ordered a few cute items from Abercrombie (they’re making a comeback, check them out), bought new booties and busted out my favorite sweater blazer from Jcrew.  I may or may not own it in two colors, its fine.

What ways are YOU trying to keep summer alive and survive the fall? Let me know! Really, let me know.  I need to pretend this isn’t happening.

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