Anddddd we’re back

Self care = the most important.

So we are BACK after a brief mental health hiatus. And by we, I mean me. It’s literally just me here, unless anyone wants to fund a staff for me.  In which case, please just pay off my credit card bill instead.

I took a few months off for a few reasons, below in list format, because I think talking about our mental health is important, as are what impacts one’s mental health.  Also because I’m a bit type-A and I like lists. Here we go:

1 – I was getting wrapped up in what other people thought I should write about

Don’t get me wrong – when it comes to anything I want to do, I have a wonderful support system consisting of friends, family, and my very attention hungry pup. But too many cooks in the kitchen….I forget the rest, because it is at that point in the idiom I start to ignore my mother.  Everyone’s advice and input was WONDERFUL, but not when I was focusing too much on that. It became less of a creative outlet for me, and more of what other people THOUGHT it should look like.  We’re done with that.

2 – It wasn’t fun anymore

I started this blog because I love fashion, make up, shopping, and writing. And it became a chore.  I didn’t feel like taking pictures and I didn’t feel like writing. And those are the two major components we are working with here, and I didn’t want to do either of them.  I think it had a lot to do with reason #1, but I decided to not force myself if it wasn’t making me happy. I put it on the back burner, because trying to force it was frustrating.

3 – Lotsssss of personal ish

Lord, its been a trying year. Like, when it rains it pours type thing.  Its been a lot, and it caused me to not have any motivation to write. At. All. Its been emotionally draining, and when I had free time, I just wanted to decompress. And cuddle with my dog. And watch TV.  And go out with my friends.  So I did that.  I did exactly what I needed to do when I was in survival mode, just trying to get through some hard shit. Which, as a general reminder, is OK TO DO.

4 – Writers block/creative slump

All of this contributed to me having NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE. Seriously, I had NOTHING. Not a thing.  I have about 9 drafts of posts that don’t make any god damn sense, because I was forcing it and probably writing while half asleep. No one wants to read that, trust.

So, what’s the lesson here? Why am I writing about this? Because we all need reminders to TAKE A GOD DAMN STEP BACK when something no longer fulfills you, or you are mentally exhausted, or you need to focus on you. And that is not only TOTALLY FINE, but necessary as well. You have to give yourself breaks, you have to do what makes you happy, and you have to do whatever you need to make sure that you are mentally and emotionally at the top of your game.

And yet, I am back. Because I missed writing and fighting my dog to take pictures for this blog. Seriously though, the second I start to do a flat lay is the only time I’ve seen my dog excited to get his picture taken. But mostly I missed writing about shit I like, which is a lot of shopping and also calling out some bullshit.  All of which will continue, plus some more. Thanks for joining me on this horribly inconsistent journey.

xoxo – sweet and snarky


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  • Nina Nichols

    I think this kind of work takes its toll on us sometimes and what I realized was that taking a brief respite helps as a breather. I love writing and everything else related to it but it can be stressful when external validation becomes a thing.