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2017 Favorites

Well, 2017 was kind of a shit storm now wasn’t it? Its almost like when we all said it couldn’t get any worse than 2016, the universe took that as a challenge.  NOT. OK.  Regardless, there was still some good to come out of this past year I suppose.  I’m going to break down my favorite beauty and fashion finds of the year, which were some of the only silver linings of the hellscape of this past year.

Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler by Living Proof

This stuff has been a GODSEND for me.  I found out about it through a friend, and decided to take the plunge and try it.  Since Sephora’s return policy is pretty great, I just took the plunge and bought the bottle. I have NOT turned back yet.  This product is meant for you to air dry your hair and give it more volume.  I like to shower at night and have my hair dry by morning.  By mid day, I used to have to throw it in a pony tail and hope for the best because it was nasty.  But after using the in shower styler my hair looks good ALL DAY LONG.  This has become a staple in my hair routine and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment by Glamglow

I finally caved and tried this cult favorite this year, and it is worth the hype. I have oily skin which becomes acne prone when I’m stressed (which is always) but using this either as a full mask or spot treatment usually does the trick.  Its a little pricey, but it lasts a good long time.  PRO TIP:I actually buy the mini one and it lasts me forever.  It makes my skin feel AMAZING and helps clear up even the nastiest break outs my 30 year old skin still has. Because out of all the organs in my body, my skin is apparently the last to know that we have left our teen years.

“Calm your tits” Cursive Cuff by The French Mermaid

I found this cheeky and ADORABLE cuff when I was perusing the Bryant Park Christmas Village.  I had a DAY at work and was like lets go treat yourself.  I stumbled upon The French Mermaid and fell in love with them.  I actually saw all their other cuffs first and commented that I loved them, and the owner showed me this one that she was wearing and I basically just handed her my credit card immediately.  This cuff is SO well made – its actually really thick and sturdy.  AND I found some of my tribe that day, and its just the best when people get you. Worth.  Every.  Penny.

Button Boat Neck Sweater by Jcrew

I saw this in store MONTHS ago and ordered it online two days later, because I had to have it. It is SO COZY and so cute – the button detailing is just everything. I can wear it to work or just hanging out. Its SOFT AF.  I love that the buttons allow you to make the look a little different each time. AND ITS ON SALE. Music to my ears.

Vinyasa Scarf by Lululemon

These things are so great that I have TWO.  So good for when you’re pretending you are going to work out but you’re just going outside to get a bagel.  The snaps allow you to wear it as a wrap as well, so its not only cute but versatile.  Like, they literally have a youtube tutorial to show you all the ways you can wear it.  Its ridiculous.  I own a lot of Lululemon and honestly, their stuff is always worth the money to me.  Its amazinggggg quality and lasts forever.

AND NOW WE CAN KISS 2017 GOODBYE. What was some good that came out of 2017 for you? Or are you glad to see it go? Comment and let me know!