REALLY last minute gifts

If you’re anything like me, doing things in a timely manner isn’t one of your strong suits. Have I been Christmas shopping since October? Yes.  Is there only 5 days until Christmas and I still haven’t finished my shopping? Also yes.  I am both a planner and procrastinator at the same time.  OR I am one of those people that loves to shop and will just keep buying things because I love m friends and family? I think I’m on to something with the loving to shop.

But i digress.  Are you struggling with last minute gift ideas? Have you already gone to the mall thinking “I’ll just figure it out” and buy things for yourself instead? Totally fine.  Here are five last minute gifts you can beeline to in your closest mall and GTFO before you stab someone. (Just me? OK ANYWAY)

Beauty Blender: Gold Mine from Sephora ($40)

Listen, I like to buy people things they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.  Buying them things they need is boring. (exception to the rule: socks.) And let’s call a spade a space, these things are sponges.  They’re just sponges, but they work quite well (RHOD ANYONE?! if you get that reference, you get a special prize).  This comes with three different beauty blenders AND the cleaner for it.  All of this is easily $80 usually, so this is a steal.  And yes, while this is a sponge, its basically changing the makeup application game.  Maybe grab one for yourself, too.

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb by Lush ($8)

Find me someone who doesn’t love a good bath bomb, and I’ll find you a liar and someone who needs a bath bomb.  This one is SUPER CUTE – I love anything that looks like a Christmas sweater.  Its got an interesting ginger/lemon smell that I repeatedly inhaled while in the store, not buying a thing.  Its just as cute in person and everyone can use some self care in the form of a bath.  Plus, perfect stocking stuffer!

Card Case in Calf Hair by Jcrew ($35)

I have a card case, and it is the most useful little thing. You can throw credit cards, a work ID, business cards, or gift cards in it.  I hope for your sake, its the latter.  This one is a cute animal print, but Jcrew has a bunch if the person you’re buying for isn’t as Jersey as I am. But on the real – this is cute AND useful AND not something most people buy for themselves.  Good purchase all around.

Champagne Bears by Sugarfina ($20)

Champagne Gummy Bears guys.  Made with DOM PERIGNON.  IDK about you, but I ball on a budget and can’t afford that stuff on the reg, so having it in a gummy bear is real fun. (if you CAN afford it on the reg, shoot me an email.  W’re about to be best friends.) These are DELICIOUS and Sugarfina is absolutely a special treat, because that stuff is expensive.  But also, worth it.  And a dangerous store.  Have fun escaping without a few taster packets for yourself.

Spiked Glass Water Bottle by bkr ($40)

This thing is SO CUTE! I have one and honestly a glass water bottle is pretty awesome.  Plus, plastic spikes, and its pink. So you can be cute and a little GTF away from me at the same time.  A good water bottle is a good investment, and something I find not a lot of people actually invest in.  The gift of hydration – the gift that keeps on giving.

Who do you STILL have to buy for?! What are you picking up for everyone these last few shopping days? Let me know in the comments! Because I need some ideas, too….