My Tried and True Facemasks

I have acne prone, oily skin. One of the upsides to my freckles is they act as a natural camouflage, but not so much in the winter because no sun. But even with that, I am constantly trying to keep my skin clear. I may have turned 30, but my skin seems to have missed... Continue Reading →

The best purchase I’ve ever made

AND IT WASN'T SOMETHING FROM BLOOMINGDALES Part 1 of lord knows how many posts about my rescue pup and the importance of #adoptdontshop Friends, it is time we talked about the best decision I have ever made.  The best money I've ever spent. And what has possibly turned into the most money sucking thing in... Continue Reading →

Fall Survival Guide

Let's all pretend like summer didn't just abruptly end..... In case you missed it, I hate the fall. Like, avoid orange everything, countdown to November 1st and Christmas music, chastise my friends for loving fall, HATE the fall. I refuse to believe I am alone in feeling this. We BARELY got a summer and the... Continue Reading →

I remember when back to school time would roll around, and my mom would take me shopping for supplies.  It was one of my favorite things to do - I'm one of those weirdos that LOVES Staples.  Gimme some post its and new pens, and I am a happy girl. But elementary school and middle... Continue Reading →

2017 Favorites

Well, 2017 was kind of a shit storm now wasn't it? Its almost like when we all said it couldn't get any worse than 2016, the universe took that as a challenge.  NOT. OK.  Regardless, there was still some good to come out of this past year I suppose.  I'm going to break down my... Continue Reading →

REALLY last minute gifts

If you're anything like me, doing things in a timely manner isn't one of your strong suits. Have I been Christmas shopping since October? Yes.  Is there only 5 days until Christmas and I still haven't finished my shopping? Also yes.  I am both a planner and procrastinator at the same time.  OR I am... Continue Reading →

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